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It hasn't even come up for vote under the majority of the voters. And the majority of the voters in, gee, let's say, Vermont, did want it. Or did you forget that the state of Vermont grants marraige licenses to same sex couples?
Vermont wasn't passed by voters.

Since when is law left to the majority of voters to decide? I don't remember getting to vote on heterosexual marraige. I don't remember getting to vote on mandatory car insurance.
Prop 8

What choice does a gay couple have but to follow the law? Can you explain to me how they could get the legal rights that a heterosexual couple has by just acting like they are married? Sorry, gotta have a marraige license to get those benefits. So the "follow the law" statement just doesn't make much sense.

I'll ask you have anything based on legal premise that would support opposition to gay marraige? I haven't seen anything yet.
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