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Originally Posted by posts from hell View Post
The problem is... As a melting pot, the government has refused to recognize even English as an official language.
As a true "melting pot," the concept is that those people who move to the USA, learn English to the best of their abilities. One country made up of immigrants from dozens of countries can't be unified unless the people share a language and culture. A common language breaks down barriers. English is the primary existing language, and those who move here have to accept that, just as an American moving to another country would have to accept that country's language, if the American wanted full inclusion into that country.

That doesn't mean other languages are excluded from use at home, at social gatherings, in church, etc. It means it's the primary language for government, commerce, and education.

Perhaps we should make English the legal spoken and written language for the USA, and ASL the legal signed language for the USA.
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