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If people think Jewish people are the blame for what happening to this country right now that would made me very a POWERFUL RICH person! And nothing could further from the truth! I would love to have that much power so I could bring peace to this world and STOP THE HATE, LIES AND Anti Semitic that being allowed to be post here! Jiro is Anti Semitic and he does not know it! I have seen people like him! I love it when they say "Why some of my best friends are Jewish!" I know what that mean! Does Jiro know the German made soap, lampshade, ashtrays , used their skulls for paperweight. Took the gold from their teeth and melted it down with all the gold wedding bands and other gold jewelry and hide the gold on banks in other country! Now do you think Hitler was right! I feel bad for for your Jewish friends as they do not know you're a fraud !
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