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Originally Posted by frankiesmom View Post
he just fell asleep after an afternoon of chasing the dog through the living room, and running all over the place with his toys. he totally doesnt need a wheel chair. he needs something to keep him safe and contained when we go places. if he were crippled, of course i would get him what he needs, but hes not. he just has some safety issues that i am hoping he grows out of.
and besides if he needed a wheelchair..what would be wrong if i decided to use a stroller in the mean time? luckily, he can walk so he doesnt.
And, forgive me for assuming that Frankie was NOT ambulatory. I had assumed that since you ordered the special stroller he wasn't, but that was my mistake. It sounds like with a lot of therapy and patience, he'll go a long way. I'm so glad that you did get him this stroller, because you're right, safety comes first.

I should note that I am disabled and wheelchair bound. When I was young I walked with the aid of braces and crutches, but that soon went by the wayside. Once that happened, I used a chair. I can tell you that from experience, it's a heck of a lot better for everyone than having someone carry me! And, as I mentioned, once I reached a certain age, being carried was virtually impossible as I gained weight and it became impossible.

What we're after here is for Frankie to be mobile AND safe. The stroller is the answer!

Btw, I've seen these strollers, and they are NEAT!!!
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