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Originally Posted by frankiesmom View Post
i still show him stuff, and he does seem interested. so its a good sign!
That is a very good sign as long as long he it not obsess with the item.
I took care of my niece that has aspergers, I was going take her on the
swan boat with my daughter and I brought both girls a balloon before going on
the ride and my niece became so obsess with her balloon I could not interest her in anything else and we where not able to take ride on the swan boat.
My sister has not accepted the fact that her daughter needed help. The doctor said her daughter was just very 'shy' and that was why she did not made any eyes contact with her own parents! My niece also has low muscle tone , she was not able to sit up as a baby, she would fall to one side and , was not able to nurse very good. She can sit up now and her muscle tone has gotten better.
The doctors said she should send a to group home for kids that will never be able care for themselves and live there her whole life!
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