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Hmm...I watched this video about the Deaf in Thailand and in Cambodia. trying to remember the name of the website. Basically it was this American deaf guy who travels the world and meet deaf people in each country. He met deaf business owners in thailand who owned restaurants, food carts and shops. He asked them how they served customers - they said they would use the calculator to explain prices and the customers would point to what they want in the shops or on the menu. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Deaf owners naturally hire deaf people because they are united. Use your common sense. I know one deaf guy who owns a catering business and he hires deaf people to work with him so why the **** not? He uses VRS to take orders.
But I am talking about any restaurant like Red Lobster. Would they hire a deaf person as a waiter? ****ing no! Be realistic! Oralists or hard-of hearing people are not actually deaf.
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