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Originally Posted by deafdyke View Post
jillo, it's not b/c I'm Westernized. It's b/c I'm a feminist, and I see polygamy being a HUGE symptom of a very patriarchal society. Virtually all socieites are heavily patriarchal....does that make it a good thing?
Where are the polyandrists in those societies?
bajagirl, I think that the idea of more then one partner SOUNDS good in theroy. But it really does take a very special and very mature person to be able to handle that sort of realtionship. I just seems like a lot of the poly people overall seem to have major major self esteem issues, that they are "self medicating" through being poly.
I'm not sure about that. In polygamist societies the women are very rarely given choice. They are told, from young age, this is what we expect of you. Forget your dreams and desires or even natural sexual attraction. Hard to have self esteem issues when you never given a chance to have them in first place.

I agree with you about needing to be in an especially mature place in your life to handle any sort of poly relationship.
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