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First of all, since I am deaf, I can't apply for a job as a waiter or a secretary with requirement to answer phone calls. In other words, I am disabled.

Have you seen a deaf cashier at any Target store? Have you bought a movie ticket from a deaf worker at a ticket booth? Have you met a deaf car saleperson? I am not talking about hard of hearing people or oralists. I am talking about profoundly deaf people who use ASL and can't use speech.

That's why our federal government officially put a hearing-impairment (deafness) on a disabliltiy list under ADA. Therefore, deaf people are eligible for SSI and SSDI. That makes sense completely.

Fortunately, I have a job at US Postal Service for 27 years and it doesn't require verbal communication. However they don't hire anymore because of bad economy so deaf people have difficult times NOW to find jobs that don't require verbal communication. What's more, many businesses still practice audism.
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