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My son failed his original screening in his right ear only, twice, and then when we had the ABR done, it was found that both of his ears had loss. In his case, fluid leftover from the womb wasn't a factor, as he was born months before his screenings in the NICU. We were told the hospital screenings are set so only moderate or worse losses would fail, but his two infant ABRs point to a moderate loss across the board in his left ear (50 to 55 dB) that passed the screenings. His right ear had a loss of 55 to 65 dB. I heard there are a lot of false positives on the testing, so I would try not to worry yet. It's good you are getting the ABR when she's a month old. We waited until 2 1/2 months adjusted, and it was harder...he woke up some. We had a failed attempt at another one 4 weeks later, but finally 4 weeks after that he slept through the whole thing. The results were very close to the 2/3 test that had been completed 8 weeks earlier. He is now 2 and due for yet another ABR, when he's under anesthesia for a tonsillectomy. Good luck with the testing.
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