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Originally Posted by TheWriteAlex View Post
I officially hate my Naidas and really regret getting them. One of them has gone haywire and beeps like crazy. The other cuts on and off all the time.

And because the warranty on them is only one year and I'm no longer under VR services, I can't afford to have them repaired now. Seriously, two pieces of equipment costing almost $4,000 only gets a 1 year warranty? What a flippin' joke.

Screw Naida and screw Phonak.

There, I feel so much better after saying that.
Have you changed the filters on them lately? I think that was one of the solutions I had for the Naida going on & off....or was it because I had reached the programmed threshold and my audi needed to up the threshold?

Well, it can't hurt to change the filters to see if that fixes the problem. And if it doesn't go to your audi (do you have one in DC yet) and ask them to check the "loudness threshold".
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