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i came from everywhere including
both deaf school and hearing school...

i was the First and only one Deaf girl
enrolled at a hearing school even before
"mainstreaming" was invented and developed.

I came from half deaf family and
half hearing family. Deaf people never
identify me as a "hearie" (above my forehead)
due to my ASL skill. Hearing people can
tell that I'm deaf due to my "deafie" voice.
When I showed up at some deaf events
without saying anything at all, these
deaf people thought I was a hearing woman
until i started to chat using sign language
then they realize that I'm very deaf.

I was fortunate for having three hearing girlfriends
who actually encouraged me for enrolling our
same hearing school at the same time
I had a wonderful Deaf Boyfriend
from a deaf school many many miles away.

I can lip read depend on a speaker only
if he/she look at me only. I must have
some eye contacts for lipreading purposes.
If he/she does not look at me, then it's
more difficult for me to comprehend.

People said that I speak rather articulately
and extremely well especially as a Deaf Person.
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