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I have absolutely no regrets about being mainstreamed as it opened windows of opportunities for me and a whole new world, as well.
I am glad I was challenged academicly in the mainstream ( at a deaf school I probaly wouldn't have read Catcher in the Rye or taken Honors Latin), but on the other hand, mainstreaming was FRUSTRATING! I had to deal with stupid mainstream teachers who a) didn't give me appropreate support services. Most of the support services available through the special ed department were mostly helpful for kids with LDs rather then "classic" disabilties. I didn't even get a notetaker until I was almost halfway through high school! (and I have additional VERY legitmate issues which inhibit my abilty to take good notes) and I also had to deal with the negative attitude towards sped kids. Now a lot of sped kids are just lazy dumbass slacker types (the type who's "Um...who's President Bush?") but the attitude in the sped dept. was that just b/c I received sped services I was one of those dumbos who was just going to sit around and be on welfare and not achieve anything with my life. If I have appropreaite services, I can do fine...I actually made Dean's List TWO semesters in a row b/c I got C-Print! Now all I have are stupid notetakers! (grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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