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can speak and lipread but like always it does depend on the other person speaking.
Same with me. I can hear a lot of people who speak very well, but other people who don't enunicate or who mumble or who don't have really good professional speaker voices, I can barely understand.
I speak like a foreigner, or so I'm told.
Same with me...I have a VERY "deaf" sounding voice and lots of people think I'm from the UK or something. (I'm American from New England)
My Deaf parents are not your normal Deaf parents that wants to immerse their hard of hearing children in a Deaf school. They wanted us to have Bi-Bi education and/or mainstreaming. We had the best of both worlds
Well, you were had Deaf parents who reconized the need for some exposure to hearing culture for hoh kids. If I have kids (they'll be most likely hoh since the cause of my being hoh is genetic and I have a 50% chance of passing it on) I'll send my kids to a deaf school at least part time, and then also send them to a hearing school too. I also might send them to a school for hoh kids too if the speech services at the hearing and deaf schools aren't good for dhh kids.
With hearing aids on I speak very softly. I always seem to think I'm talking too loud,
I have volume issues myself (especially if I am upset or something) but I tend to speak too loudly. Everywhere I go..its' "MODULATE your voice DeafDyke!"
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