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Hello, I have no idea what hulu is, must be cable. I just get the basics and I have dial up so I can't watch this show>l Just thought I would say that I think we should be supportive of this show. Yes, it may have its faults but at least they are recognizing a culture rarely portrayed on tv. If this show succeeds you can bet that there will be more in the interests of deaf and HOH. Hollywood follows the money so I am hoping that it really takes off. I see ABC on here looking at comments and commenting which means they are interested in what we think and are here to try to make it better. So cut them some slack and tell them how to make it better! By the way I seen a comment about how she talks without a deaf accent and she is suppose to be profoundly deaf and how that is not possible. I may be mistaken on what I read but I am Profoundly deaf in both ears and I talk just fine with no accent. Like I said I havent' seen it though so I may be missing something?

By the way I am Late Deafened working on getting a CI
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