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I've been "branded" as a traitor to the Deaf Culture and Deaf Community by the pure Deaf militants simply because I have the best of both worlds. I was mainstreamed in the hearing school and I come from a huge Deaf family. My Deaf parents are not your normal Deaf parents that wants to immerse their hard of hearing children in a Deaf school. They wanted us to have Bi-Bi education and/or mainstreaming. We had the best of both worlds and I still invest the benefits of having the best of both worlds. Hearing and Deaf worlds are in my heart and I get the common sign from Deaf people. The middle finger at the forehead, signifying "Hearie", what the poor souls do not realize that when they do this to their own peers. They are actually doing cultural oppression, they gripe about being oppressed by the hearing community and yet they do this to their own kind with a simple sign.
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