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Originally Posted by rolling7 View Post
Nope, it was not a joke nor an attempt to joke. Jillo was giving an order to "to get laid, it'll do you some good." And of you have to pay for it, that's ok.
An order, eh? It's a good thing she wasn't Lelouch vi Britannia, or you'd be on your knees/back already!

Incidentally, I know and understand jillio far better than you. She was making a joke, and at most possibly giving lighthearted advice. The "you'll have to pay for it" part was obviously a joke and a mild insult, implying that you couldn't find a girl willing to sleep with you in any other circumstance.

Originally Posted by rolling7 View Post
SUPER MOD needs to come on here and give am opinion of this encouragement to commit a crime is permitted........after all we do have minors as members here.
1) What is this "SUPER MOD" you keep babbling about? If you're just talking about a forum mod, the most they're gonna do is lock the thread and possibly send either you, jillio, me or all three of us PMs saying "Now, now, kids, play nice."
2) Unfortunately, as a mere user, you don't get to demand what the moderators do and don't do. I'd not get nearly so trigger happy with your baseless accusations, though.
3) As has been covered, there was no encouragement of criminal activity. Just a hyperactive imagination on the part of an old prude.
4) Also, you've already specifically told us how old you are in this thread. You're not a minor, and I certainly hope you stay far away from them.

Originally Posted by rolling7 View Post
Go back and re-read post #336

No, prostitution is NOT legal anywhere in America. What has been done with the Bunny Ranch, among others, is a legal business under the state. Calif. and several others states allow the production of sex tapes/dvd/video which is the act of all kinds of sexual activity under a business permit. Everything is regulated. When common street-walkers are regulated in AMERICA I'll change my tune.
I'm pretty sure you don't understand what "prostitution" is. A brothel is a location where women stay, and you pay to have sex with them. This is the definition of prostitution. And it's not illegal. Nice try, though.

Originally Posted by rolling7 View Post
You certainly practice what you preach, eh?
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