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[QUOTE=StSapphire;1838943]Nobody here encouraged you to commit a crime. You're delusional, but that's just par for the course in this thread.

1) Jillio made a joke* about you getting laid with a snide remark that "you will no doubt have to pay for it". She didn't say "you should definitely find a country and a part of a country where prostitution is illegal, and pick up a hooker there". That was your own overactive imagination.

2) I mentioned Vegas as a stereotypical example, and since I'm on the east coast, "Vegas" is a generic term for the entire extended metropolitan area. So if you have to technically leave the city limits to reach an area where it's legal doesn't really mean much to me.

3) What I said actually doesn't matter, either, since jillio was the person making the initial remark.

See above, city limits mean little to me. In my own city, I consider basically everything from the smaller cities in a neighboring state to countless suburbs, villages and other things to still be all part of my city's general 'area'. Try again, chief.

The only clock that exists is in your head.

So you admit that there are places where prostitution is legal in AMERICA. So, nice try, chief. If scary internet people make you uncomfortable with their dirty language... you don't get to shut them up. You are allowed to put any number of people you dislike on ignore, though. If you need help with that, I can walk you through

Nope, it was not a joke nor an attempt to joke. Jillo was giving an order to "to get laid, it'll do you some good." And of you have to pay for it, that's ok.
SUPER MOD needs to come on here and give am opinion of this encouragement to commit a crime is permitted........after all we do have minors as members here.

Go back and re-read post #336

No, prostitution is NOT legal anywhere in America. What has been done with the Bunny Ranch, among others, is a legal business under the state. Calif. and several others states allow the production of sex tapes/dvd/video which is the act of all kinds of sexual activity under a business permit. Everything is regulated. When common street-walkers are regulated in AMERICA I'll change my tune.
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