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Thomas Covenant Chronicles

My favourite books as a teenager (many moons ago!) was the Thomas Covenant Chronicles by Stephen R. Donaldson.

Last year I decided to re-read them. Initially I was worried that my precious warm teenage memories of the books will be shattered by the cold reality of reading them as an older [I didn't say maturer!] adult. But in fact my enjoyment of the books deepened as I gained insights that I was previously too young to see.

It's taken me months, but I have just finished book 6 of the series - White Gold Wielder. It was hard work at times, and I needed a dictionary as Stephen Donaldson likes to use a very wide vocabulary. But what a fantastic journey these six books took me through.

I'm now going to start on the Last Chronicles, books that weren't written when I was a teenager. I know it's going to be a set of 4 (making the total of 10 books altogether) and that three of them have been published. I'm looking forward to this new journey...
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