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Originally Posted by rockin'robin View Post
I learned how to say "NO" and not feeling bad about it, or questioning my judgement....2 friends were invited over for Easter dinner...they accepted...then called to say they didn't have a way to come over (they live about 15 miles from me)..and wanted me to come pick them up....welllll. I am busy with all the cooking and such...but relented, and said "as long as you pay for my gas to get there and take you back home...."

They felt "insulted"....(say what?)....Gas here is $3.74/gallon....she said "I've already made 2 dishes for the dinner"....(but she was asked to bring something).... so I said "I'm sorry!...we will miss you at the dinner."....

Will you please mail me some gas?! Paid $4.79
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