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Originally Posted by Reba View Post

You can review my original posts at #50, 52, 55, and 60. My "claims," as you call them, haven't changed

My basic statement, that Sharia law is not compatible with American law stands. If Muslims want to live in the United States, then they have to follow America's laws. That's the same condition for Christians, Jews, agnostics, atheists, animists, Buddhists, Hindus, whatever. No more, no less.

What negative thoughts?

I never said any posters embraced the idea of making Sharia the foundation of the US Constitution so I don't know why you bring it up.

Good. I'm happy with the Constitution of the United States.
I'm not in the mood to continue those discussions about those small details. You have made your accusations(waiting for the "what accusations?" question..), and I've made mine.

As we mostly agree, I'll leave it here.
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