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Originally Posted by DURAY View Post
Daredevel7 and shel90, do you know of any straight pedophile??? Is there something wrong to be straight???
have you ever met sexually abused victims? from babies to kids????
Be broad-minded.
Yes, there are many straight pedophiles. I am sure you can't find them because you probably are googling "Gay pedophiles".

Absolutely nothing wrong with being straight, just as there is nothing wrong with being not straight.

I personally know several sexually abused victims. One was a boy abused by the same sex. The rest were girls abused by men.

You are telling me to be broad minded? ............. I'm accepting that pedophiles can be gay, straight, bisexual. I am accepting that pedophiles can molest kids of the opposite or same sex. I am accepting that pedophiles can be male or female. And you accept only ONE thing: ALL PEDOPHILES ARE GAY.

And I'm the narrow minded one?
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