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I don't even understand the comparison of threaten to assault/murder vs threaten to molest.

"OMG, I'm so pissed off, I could just kill him!"

is in the same ballpark as:

"OMG, I'm so horny. I just want to take that little girl and just....."

SERIOUSLY, Steinhauer?

You're telling me that even having a FLEETING thought of WANTING to take advantage of little kids is pretty much the same thing as a fleeting thought of wanting to kill someone?

To me, it's a whole different ballpark. Obviously, killing people is wrong, but to even think about taking advantage of kids is coming from something that is dark, evil, unnatural, and so on.

In fact, let's say that someone said those statements above in a joking way. Would you respond to someone who said "I could kill him!" the same way as someone who said "I could take a little girl and....."? Yes?... no?
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