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Originally Posted by Deb1hd View Post
Seeing how you did good with your right ear hopefully you will pick up where you left off.
right now im feeling like im not getting enough bass everything is high pitch noises which i'm not use to.. so im having troubles figuring out what is what, i'm sure it will improve i have faith
I am hoping that too, perhaps within 2 weeks I want to hear more than 70%, but its a bit high expectation.

Originally Posted by Deaffy View Post
Patience will pay off. When first turned on and the first few week's month's nothing will sound "normal".. It took awhile for things to normal out for me as well. I was turned on in august of 2010 and now feb 2011 everthing sounds pretty normal to me. I wish you the very best in your journey with your new hearing.
Is this from first time hearing or you head heard out of that side before with an implant?
I think it will be fairly easy for me to get used to the implant because I had an implant in the cochlea before the syrgery tomorrow.

And thank you! I am very excited.
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