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Originally Posted by Banjo View Post
I vaguely remember the late 80s since I was born in 1983. I do recall how different the telephone system was and how it worked in these days. For instance, we only had one telecom and we had to go to The Phone Store to buy phones. Heck, we had rotary phones, not touch-tone phones. It was also illegal to install another phone jack without their authorization... as stupid as that sounds. Now it's completely different. We have several telecoms, we can install any phone jacks we please to and more.
Yes, we had rotary dial phones and limited jacks. One way around the jack limitation was to get reeeeaaaalllllyyy lllloooonnnnggg phone cords. We would carry the phone from room to room with a long cord. (BTW, our jacks were hard wired in those days, not plug ins.) My brother was geeky and knew his way around Radio Shack, so we improvised.

Until AT&T was broken up into the Baby Bells, it wasn't even legal to own AT&T phones; they were leased, and had to be returned if you moved.

Sorry for going off the topic!
Nice diversion from the drama.
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