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When did we start meaning "couple" we as in him and me or him and I. We as a couple is assumed because the assumption is being made that I see us as a couple and I do not at all.

Originally Posted by Steinhauer View Post
I agree with Banjo. However, let's give ember the benefit of a doubt. Let's be fair.

Ember, in one of your posts, you mentioned about how you and your ex were not giving any reason for his wife to be jealous. You are attempting to implicate that her fears are unfounded. You mentioned your ex husband and yourself as "WE are not giving HER any reason to be jealous ..."

You and your ex are not a couple. His wife is not a jealous control freak manipulative type - it is quite possibly that HE is. If he refuses to listen to his wife and continues in the same manner, it will not be too long before she takes the kids and files for a divorce.

Then ... you can come in and pick up all the peices. I certainly wouldn't be saying this if I hadn't a) experienced the same thing first hand b) seen this happen to many of my friends and c) know this is how those situations transpire.

You are playing with fire.

I mean that in the most respectful way.
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