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Originally Posted by FFHavoK View Post
Thank you for the site. I will definitely check it out. I am definitely looking for some ASL geared towards fire/rescue efforts. I am also looking to just learn the language. We have such a great Deaf community in Frederick, and I would love to be able to adequately communicate when I am there doing EMS standbys at MSD, or just in passing down town.

It is hard to find good resources geared towards emergency medicine, and our firehouse has discussed many times putting together a "class" or whatnot so that everyone is able to at least communicate a little. This is I guess a good place to start.

I personally have been learning ASL via , which is a great resource. It is slow going, but I really like the language. I put it to use on a call the other day, which was very cool, and considering the high priority of the call, it was SO helpful as the person would not have been able to write to me or anything.
You are very welcome.

I use Lifeprint too. Still, I need to find real live signers out there. It is really the most logical next step for me.
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