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Originally Posted by FFHavoK View Post
Hey there,
I recently started learning ASL (like many in this thread), and wouldn't mind practicing with someone, or learning from someone. I would like to learn ASL that is geared towards Emergency Medicine and encounters in the field (from walking out of the ambulance to transferring the patient's care at the hospital) if anyone could help a bit.

You can add me on skype - reign.of.havok
Thanks! looking forward to talking to anyone.

Hey there has a medical/safety ASL course. Not sure what it contains, you could maybe email the guy who teaches it (contact link is on the site) and ask him if the course will fit your needs. His other courses are $5 for a 1month lesson/module, which is pretty reasonable compared to other online courses. Also, if you do a search, there are quite a few medical ASL dictionaries and phrasebooks. I know because I am in the medical field and have looked into these things as well.

Good luck!
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