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Originally Posted by Banjo View Post
We all know that.

However, poverty does play a role in increasing the crime rate. If you were to read some studies and such. You will see that in the past, where poverty was rampant, the crime was too. Children of parents who were stricken by poverty resorted to stealing, mugging, breaking into and more because they were hungry and penniless.
But not all poor people do that, even when they are in the same or even worse dire situations.

Also, crime by well-to-do people is increasing.

Poverty is not the main factor for increasing crime. It might influence the mode and location of crime but it doesn't create criminals.

Many crimes, especially of violence and cruelty, have nothing to do with poverty.

But, as I posted, that should be stuff for a new thread.

BTW, just because I don't agree with "studies and such" doesn't mean that I'm not aware of them.
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