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So tempted to pull examples from the Balkans, Africa and Central America to show Islam isn't the only "barbaric" religion with insanely religious laws that won't see the light of day in the United States.

Instead of attacking the religion as a whole, maybe analyze the regions? And find out why certain sects and groups behave in such a way?

Islam in Canada is not even remotely the same as Islam in the violate Middle East. Islam in surrounding Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan are not the same as Iran, Chechnya and Afghanistan... all one has to do is speak to the Islamic Persian and Afghan refugees who fled the prosecuting government in their homelands and seeked asylum within Canadian and American borders.

If you have to fear Islamic fundamentalism, then you must fear Christian fundamentalism as well. Why? They have the same root causes, just different regions. European Muslims embraced Islamic fundamentalism often in poverty, just like how improvised Americans and Canadians embraced Christian fundamentalism. Extreme situations tend to call for radical interpretations.

See the type of religion isn't the danger here, the danger lies in the unstable environment people live in such as war zones or poverty zones.
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