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Here's the thing, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, it already has overtaken the Christian/Catholic population. If this keeps up in say in the next 100 years or so, the entire world will be entirely Muslim. It already has taken more than a foothold in European countries.

How many of you would like the idea of praying 5 times a day, have your women wear burkas (covering from head to toe)? Watch homosexuals being executed (UN General Assembly Votes To Allow Gays To Be Executed Without Cause | The New Civil Rights Movement

Live in constant fear under the Sharia law whereas just about anything can get you executed if you're not careful? You won't be allowed to change religion when converted, etc.

Slowly, already two Muslims in the House of Congress have already been elected in office here in the States (None in Senate....yet!).

Keith Ellison got elected to the US House of Representatives as the first Muslim. Keith Ellison was a Democratic state senator from Minnesota and was elected from the fifth congressional district.

American Muslim community is elated at the election of another Muslim to the US Congress. On March 11, Indiana voters elected Andre Carson to the Congress. He became the second Muslim chosen to in the U.S. history.

There's already elected officials in Britain that are Muslim.

My Pastor had a visitor from Afghanistan that runs underground churches there, who told us that the Muslims already has a 100 year plan in motion to convert the United States into a Muslim country and the only way to do it is to move to America, have LOTS of babies, populate their people all over the country and eventually get them all elected into offices across the board. Then the takeover will then be complete once they start passing bills with Islamic Laws in place. (I'll prolly be dead and long gone before that happens)

Are we ready for this or should we resist them?


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