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Hey Guyz,
Well i came across this topic and I was oohh boy I could relate to so many of these people! Matter of a fact I was in the hospital the other day getting tested for something and there was a guy from Israel and he didnt use his lips to talk to me.. He talked with his teeth!!! AHHH! So hard for me to understand... But stupidly enough I would just nod along pretending that I understand... It sucks not being able to understand them while other people can... I have some hearing friends at school and I talk to them orally and lipreading... Sometimes I cant even understand my friends.. I asked them what they said again but I still couldnt understand it.. It would be like Yesterday, Me and Sarah went _______ and saw ____ awesome _____ wow! ___ then she laughs.. Im like ohhh then i laugh.. Even though i have no idea what she just said.. Its so frustrating.. Even though I mainstream in a hearing high school, its still hard for me to get along and understand what people are saying.. I can lipread really well but I cant lipread well if they have thin lips or a beard or a weirdo accent. Its so sucky to be me. But i realize that their are other people that have the same problems as me.. It sucks.. One time my deaf friend and I were at a basketball game... My friend saw one of her hearing friends and she went to talk to her.. I was watching them the whole time.. I could see my friend nodding along and laughing like she had no clue what the girl was saying.. Then my friend comes back and asked what the hell did she just say? Im like i have no idea... *SIGH* Oh well... Thats why I want to go to a deaf college like Gallaudent so I can understand people without struggling to understand them... I can also talk orally really well.. Some people cant understand me because I have like a deafie accent or something.. Oh well.. Even though Im profoundly deaf, I can lipread and speak.. Im proud of it... There are some disadvantages though.. Oh well, its all part of life... Just Smile and Shut Up I guess.. I think that sayings funny.. lol... Oh well! See ya!

Comprendre, c'est pardoner.
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