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Originally Posted by Bottesini View Post
I didn't even know about them until my email began to fill with threads I supposedly subscribed. I don't know how to subscribe to a thread.

So our spooky forum has subscribed me by itself.
I think, at the outset, thread subscriptions were automatic, email notification of threads you responded to was voluntary. So, what I have done was to turn off both. Now I do not carry threads nor do I get email notification when I respond to any thread. My cupboard is bare! What good is lugging around all of the threads in my CP Controls? For future reference? If there are good reasons for keeping Thread Subsciption, I guess I don't mind since, unbeknownst to this tech dummy, my computer wasn't complaining. But I don't need email notification of anything I respond to because I am here enough, usually, to not get too lost, Am I making any sense? Jiro posted somewhere an exact, step by step process to assist us which is how I managed to do the above.....
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