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Originally Posted by laughforlauren View Post
i'm not really gonna reply to your post up there.. but i get the feeling of being useless and worthless just because i'm not 'normal'.. just because i am deaf, doesn't mean i'm not normal. i'm in highschool now and it's so hard to go through everything because people judge you on first impressions and everything. it gets hard sometimes, but you know, i also like being deaf because it makes me different from everyone else and some people actually think it's cool.. so yeah, just wanted to get that off my chest ahah. if your hearing is detoriating, just be happy that you got the hearing in the first place instead of never being able to hear completely from birth.
Are you joking! Just be happy you had hearing!! I can't believe anyone would say this to a person! That is like teling a person that lost both legs , just be happy you had legs! My brother in law is losing his hearing and I would NEVER say such an insensitive thing to him!
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