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Originally Posted by DataEntry4you View Post
Hi everyone... I'm new here and found your website so welcoming. I'm not deaf, but my assistant who heads up our Data Entry Program (DEP) is and she is the hardest worker I have ever met. We are a court research company doing field work and always have need for data entry people. You won't be an employee, but an independent contractor and your wages will be reported at year's end via a 1099-Misc. (no taxes taken out).

If you have data entry or typing skills of at least 40 wpm and believe yourself to be dedicated and reliable with the ability to work independently toward meeting deadlines, I would be interested in interviewing you. This is a strictly work at home job. There is no membership to join or software to buy or even a book. We just want to find citizens of the U.S. who want to work. We are a small family-owned business who prefers to offer work to Americans instead of outsourcing it like many of our fellow business associates. You won't get rich doing data entry work, but it is stable income. If you type about 60 wpm, your average hourly rate will be $10 an hour. Your pay is reflective of your typing speed.

Please, serious inquiries only. For more information, just let me know.


Hi, Jennifer

How can I contact you? Your email?

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