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You guys have your preferences between CC and SDH.

My gripe with SDH is that it has few negatives.

1. MOST SDH do not have "positional" texts. such as right, left, top, bottom, etc so we will know who is speaking. All in the middle has confused me alot of times on who is speaking.

2. SDH with no black background SUCKS! It is hard to read.

3. SDH does not ALWAYS show full background noise. For example, movie: Zombieland it shows [yelling] but it does not show "banging on door" I was confused why did the guy answer the door? I asked my hearing friend, he said yes somebody was banging on the door. OHHHHH..... I'm pissed... I think on around 14 minutes into the movie if you want to check it out.

4. Most quite simply the worse that pisses me off. I HAVE TO TURN ON SDH ON EVERY MOVIE. With CC, it's already turned on and auto shown.

My deaf kids know how to turn on the TV and they have CC. But if they turn on blu-ray and they dont know how to turn on Subtitles and they cant read perfect, maybe choose wrong language?

ALSO I HATE TO TURN IT ON EVERY TIME. Not fair that hearing people turn on TV or Blu-Ray and it auto have sound. BUT WE HAVE TO TURN ON SDH EVERY TIME.. WHY??

KEEP CC because it is auto and it simply works. NOBODY COMPLAINED ABOUT CC. But alot of people complain about subtitles.

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