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Originally Posted by The Highlander View Post
Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard: Which is More Secure? —
Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard Security: Feature by Feature

Familiarity with security mechanisms. Although I remain fundamentally more comfortable with UNIX-based systems than others, the fact is that many of the relevant security functions that end users will perform are done in “GUI land,” far from any command line sorts of environments.

Both systems have made great strides in making security controls accessible and understandable to the end user. Most common security controls are presented to the user and are easy to work with.

The one thing where I still give a slight nod to OS X is that I can still get to the UNIX command line to fine-tune things that I can’t get do (or find) in the GUI environment. That gives me just a little more comfort when it comes to the security of my business data.

Qualitative score: Snow Leopard gets a B+ while Windows 7 gets a B.
See? This author is a computer security expert.... and he graded it B+ and B? Why a very tiny difference? because Windows 7 is very robust! The only thing that's great about Mac OS X is having an ability to do UNIX command line and sudo privilege.

now how about regular people who doesn't know anything about programming or UNIX command line? do you think it will be B+ and B? more like F and B.
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