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Originally Posted by The Highlander View Post
Your link said

Again, Apple said we are not perfect.
Do you know why the author said "Despite a bungled Java fix, the Mac is still safer than Windows"?

It's because Rich Mogull (the author) is security expert

Rich Mogull has been working in the security world for 17 or so years, and breaking computers (usually by accident) even longer. After about 10 years in physical security (mostly running large events/concerts), he made the mistake of getting drunk in Silicon Valley and telling someone he "worked in security." Next morning he woke up with a job as an IT security consultant. That's not totally true, but it's far more amusing than his full biography. He currently works as an independent security consultant and writer through and previously spent seven years as an analyst with Gartner. Rich has also worked as a paramedic, done stints as a firefighter and with Rocky Mountain Rescue, and recently retired from ski patrol when he moved to sunny Arizona. He still dabbles in disaster medicine, when nature cooperates.
He knows how to use Linux... which means he can make Mac OS X more secured than Windows via "sudo access"

But how about regular people? They don't know how to use sudu and they don't know the fundamental basic of Linux... which is why Mac OS X is less secured than Windows 7.
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