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Originally Posted by The Highlander View Post
Again, Everyone are not same opinion.

Another reason, I like Apple's design on hardware over other company. My three years old macbook and it still over five hours of battery life and most of PC laptop's battery life 1-3hours. Right now, new Macbook is over 9 hours. I don't see any PC laptop have over 9 hours of battery life yet. We are not big fan to carry power supply with us for 24/7.
we're not talking about hardware or design. The main point of the argument is SECURITY starting from Post #118 to here.

My point is - Mac OS X's "robust" security is a hype. I prefer either Ubuntu or Windows 7 for security since it has more frequent security update cycle. Apple is lazy with security updates and I hate closed-system operating system especially nix-version.

but hey - I still like using Mac OS X for web development only and also watching movie.
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