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Originally Posted by KristinaB View Post
What - you want to fix it?

It won't even boot up now. Just gets stuck. Naisho and I just did a major clean up and got it running really well, now a week later I get this.

Here the issue:

On Monday this week, I installed drivers on the netbook for an HP CD-Writer 8200e for an external CD drive I had. It is a somewhat older CD drive, but worked fine. It was a little "rusty" from not being used for 2 years or so, but I was able to play a music CD and use my ASL CD's like I wanted. Son then asked if he could use it and if he could try to install a game he has that won't run on my XP. Disciples II Gold. It took a little bit to install them, but it was the CD drive still working out kinks or something. The game ran fine for him afterwards.

Monday evening, son, MIL and I went to our weight loss group. Daughter then used the netbook. She went under my login and used FireFox and went to YouTube. The netbook froze and locked up and she shut it off. After we got home from weight loss, son then used the netbook and used his login and using FireFox, went to YouTube. It again froze up and locked up. Son waited for 15 minutes and nothing happened. He shut it off. Control-Alt-Delete did not work.

On Tuesday, son went to turn on the netbook, it goes straight to the screen to ask if you want to go to safe mode and all. When we say login in like usual, it freezes up. If I go to safe mode, I get the running list of programs or whatever and then freezes up. It cannot get to Windows. Would you like me to use my webcam and make a video of the process or do you understand?

I don't know if it's the Disciples II Gold or the drivers for my CD-Writer or my ASL programs that did this. I don't think it's an issue with FireFox and Youtube since a lot of people use FireFox and Youtube, right?
hmm never mind
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