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Originally Posted by Frisky Feline View Post
Keep posting since I don't know much about techie stuff. hopefully, it is useful for me!
Well, funny how you said this, talking about techie thread not only about absolutely nothing but how I love to scare employees especially with upper level groups like Partners or President or CEO who know nothing much about techie stuff. You know how sometime the upper level manager asked me a stupid question when he or she was worried. Here's one funny story.

While I was working for the largest architect firm back in 1989 and I'm the manager of CAD dept and responsible for all the servers system. One day we had a brief, 2 quick power outages, one after another. I wasn't too concern about the servers because we had a battery backup system installed. About 15 to 20 minutes later I noticed something wrong with our network, I'm unable to access file from the server. Then I decided to take a quick test, I stood up, poked my head above my office cubical and look around. Split second later, I saw couple of employees starting to poke their heads above the cubicles, then more and more heads starting popping up above. One guy looked at me and shouted, "WHAT DID YOU DO???" I raised my hands, palms facing up and shrugged with my face looking idiot. So, I decided to go to the server room and check out what was wrong. As it turned out that the battery backup system failed to switch from battery mode to main power mode, the battery continuously running till it drained out and shut down all the servers. So, I have to figure out re-arraigning the power cords to plug strips and then plug it to the main outlet. While I was doing that, I suddenly saw someone opened the door and it was the partner of the company, he poked his head through the door and asked, "You know what you are doing?" with him looking worried. I was sitting on the floor looking up at him, and then I looked around the servers. Scratching my head and I was holding the end of the 3 prong power cord, shaking a little. Then I looked up at him again showing him the power cord, I said, "I have no idea, what this is?? Where this go?? I never saw it before" with my face looking seriously. The partner lowered his head and shaking in a disappointment. Then he said..."Never mind" and his head disappeared from the door.

I laughed a little and managed to get all the servers back up and running. Half hour later, the same partner guy came back to me and said, Im sorry that I asked a stupid question earlier but I have your point. I wont ask ever again. He patted on my shoulder and walk away.
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