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yes, I back when I got the machine, I did try setting my blu-ray player on "480i" but I still didn't see any captions.

It could be my TV. It's an LCD TV (not HD) from back in 2004.

I was wondering something else. If I have my blu-ray player connected to my TV with old a/v cables, AND at the same time connected to the TV with component cables... when I'm watching an old DVD with CC, I can go to options on my player and select "analog output to TV". Then if I am watching a DVD or blu-ray disc with subtitles, can I change the option on the player to "connected to TV by component cable". I mean, my player has a setting for "connected to tv by analog cables" and "connected to tv by component cable" and a setting for "connected to tv by hdmi cable". so my question is, can I have the player connected to a TV with two of those cables, or even all 3 types at the same time, and just switch my option back and forth depending on what type of disc I am watching? That would be better than switching cables around on back for different discs.
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