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Originally Posted by darkage View Post
We looked menu at Subtitle. They have only English, Spanish and French. Not see any "SDH" in Subtitle's list.
They showed display subtitle but I do not like it because always show CC on bottom-always center. We tried two different movies. They do not have any SDH at all. We understand that blu-ray movie will not refuse or exchange unless never open package. I will not buy blu-ray player.
"Subtitles" are just as good as "SDH". Not all studios label "SDH" and when it only shows "Subtitles", it could also meant "SDH". I can't really tell the difference between both.

Bottom line is if you are using HDMI or DVI cable between DVD/Blu-ray player and TV, forget about trying to get CC to work. You have to use SDH/Subtitles with this cable hookup.

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