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Originally Posted by Calvin View Post
Blu-ray has more sharper picture and best sound effects than DVD.

Blu-ray disc = 25gb
DVD = 4.7 gb

Blu-ray is better choice for action movies cuz of sound effects. Others, I can just use DVD with it. I don't go buy every blu ray out there, only those with great action movies. I currently have few blu ray while majority is DVD.
I don't have perfect vision so it makes no difference whether I watch regular DVD or Blue Ray DVD. Especially since my stupid glasses broke. I don't care for sound effects, since my tv in my bedroom has a busted speaker so I don't hear the TV too well. And I am not going to buy a new TV - I am poor lol. Yeah, I have two other TVs but my bedroom TV is the one I use most. and I have a DVD player hooked up to this one. And this TV has a built in VHS player, for all my old VHS movies. I am quite happy with what I have. What I really need more is a new laptop than a new TV or new Blue Ray player.

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