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Yesterday, I asked few workers at Best Buy. We talked about CC, SDH and Subtitle. They were glad to bring few "opened box" Blu-Ray players and two different movies. We did try 5 or 6 different model of Blu-Ray players. Not see any SDH or CC. They show only Subtitle. We tried to set up CC1 on HDTV but not available for HDMI. We tried two different model of HDTV. Still not support. I told worker that I will ask someone at forum.

Are you use HDMI or other Cable?
What brand of Blu-Ray players support SDH?
Some movies are not available in SDH?
Where to find special set up at Menu on blu-ray player? We did try - no luck.
Not see any SDH on blu-ray's remote.

We looked about 8 different Blu-Ray movie's packages. Some packages show "SDH" or CC or Subtitle for deaf...... We never understand why that we can't get any special CC or SDH.
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