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((bites nails))

Well, ahem, for some reason I seem to be drawn to hearing men. Well, my only boyfriend (will be ex husband soon) was hearing. I think it is a security issue, I was 18 when I met him (he was 25). Since I grew up without a father, I found comfort in a police officer who took the reins and literally spoke for me. I was blind to his control. I think controlling men may be drawn to deaf women for that reason, it is to have someone to take care of and dominate. I am not speaking for all the hearing men, I'm just saying it could be one of the reasons why a select handful of men may desire a woman from the deaf world.

In ten years from now, I might consider dating a HOH/Deaf man. I'm not too involved with the deaf community in real-life but I would like to change that soon.

Good thought-provoking post!
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