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Thanks to everyone - I sure apprecite your thoughts. I do have on hearing aid for my right ear but it's gotten to the point that it really isn't doing any good anymore. The idea of a Montessori classroom for HH kids is a great thing; I have yet to come across it in my area. (Or any area yet) - I have not yet taken up ASL - and I know I need to. And yea Lauren your point is a good one. It does make me different. I haven't yet come around to being ok with that - still basically running away from hearing people in the marketplace with very little tolerance, understanding or knowledge of dealing with HH or deaf. This very thing is whuy I opened my own - and work from home. I will not say my attitude has been good - it hasn't - but I am a work in progress. I come to alldeaf to communicate with people like you who have an awesome attitude about it - hoping it eventually rubs off on me.
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