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LOL @ Dixie. The father said that the girls would not go to college. I'm just going by what the father said. He does not appear to value education for women. Not every person is going to go to college, but the girls should be given an opportunity for post-secondary training or education. Even if they decide to stay home with their kids, they need some kind of education or training. The girls have their own talents and interests and they should pursue them. It's culture shock for me to see parents who don't want all of their children to have an education.

The girls need some time to live their own lives before they become mothers. The girls who become mothers right away never live on their own. I have a friend who always wants to go out to clubs and I tell her that I did that when I was in my 20's. I have my kids now and I don't want to party. She said that she went from her father's house to her husband. She didn't get a chance to be on her own and have her own social life. I've been there and done that! Enjoying the quiet life now.
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