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Originally Posted by Dixie View Post
Believe me, if he were brainwashing the girls into believing that all they should ever do is serve men A LOT of redneck women in this state would be in upheaval over it! Most Arkansas women are blue collar laborers and believe in working alongside the men to earn a living for their families. But we do have our prissy pants women too, but I'm willing to bet that a few if not all the daughters in that house have their sights set higher to at least get a college education and then turn around and use that education to benefit themselves financially.
If a woman wants to serve her husband and is happy about it, then I support that but I dont believe in someone controlling women into thinking that it is the only way. I prefer that to be a choice for women. I have some friends who "serve" their hubbies but they love it so as long as they are happy then they have my support but if a women is not happy and feels threatened into it, I wont support that.
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