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Originally Posted by sallylou View Post
I feel sorry for the girls. The older girls have to rear the younger children. Mr. Duggar has stated that his girls will not go to college or get higher education. That means that the girls will have very limited options. Even if the girls want to have a family, isn't an educated mother better than one who is not? Besides, the girls should get to live a little before they settle down. It's really culture shock for me to see how those girls live. I'm grateful for my own education and birth control.
I agree.

It's as if the mother had turned herself into a baby factory for the purpose of creating servants around the house so that she wouldn't have to do any work except be a baby-making machine.

Baby #1 born. "Yay! A baby!" *months later* "Whew... too much work! Let's make another one to take care of this one!" Baby #2 is born. "Hmm... I need someone to cut the grass. Let's make another!" Baby #3 is born. "Alright, we got a lawnmower. Now, we need someone to clean the kitchen!" Baby #4 is born... #5... #6...

I would never deprive my kids of that kind of opportunity (boy or girl). I would actually encourage them to go to college or to learn something that would make them better people.

Let's hope the girls (that turn 18) can decide for themselves and leave.
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