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Hm. Well, it seems that people are people whether hearing or not. d/Deaf, HOH, and hearing people all seem to have a tendency to exclude those who have abilities we don't have, or who don't have abilities we have. Not true of everyone, of course and thank God for that. It's so silly though. Not everyone can do everyone, yet humans seem to delight in punishing each other for it and then bemoaning their own loneliness even though they won't accept people who are different from them. It all goes back to the fact that it's a very good thing we ARE different...the world would be boring other wise. I think it's just as much the job of people who are hoh or d/Deaf to reach out to hearies as it is the other way 'round. Just a thought. We insist we are proud of who we are and then take offense at natural awkwardness from people who just need a little time to adjust to our unique needs. I really believe that if given the chance and the time, most people, hearie or not, will come around and work with people different then themselves.
Very insightful. Perhaps we would all be better off if we embraced the differences instead of focusing so much on the sameness. We all like the company of people we can relate to, but the truth of the matter is, our lives become richer through exposing ourselves to differences.
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